Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Recycling Returns to New Orleans Area

I'll never forget driving into my neighborhood on Sept 16 2005 and seeing my recycling all over the neighborhood.Since that fateful date, the only way we've been able to recycle is put all of our stuff into the car and drive it to a drop off point, hoping the car wont get totally ruined in the process.

Calls to our City Council, mayor's office and local environmental office have never been returned when we called to ask when we could get recycling.I went to a meeting late last year that mentioned a recycling company that had a private service pre Katrina would be starting back up again. Called and talked to the guy and he said our neighborhood would be last on the list. So I put my name on the mailing list and waited.

Low and behold we are now getting our recyling picked up tomorrow and it couldnt have been an easier process.We went online to this site clicked on our neighborhood on their map. We're in area 8. There was a brief form to fill out and then you are led to paypal.For fifteen dollars a month we get two pick ups and they even pickup glass! Glass! Yall we havent been able to recycle beer bottles anywhere at all in the city since K.Here's the list of what you can and cannot recycle:

You just put together your own bins (We're using the same tubs we've been storing all the stuff in)and tomorrow we'll be on the lookout.This is free enterprise at its best. Go to the site and check them out

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Anonymous said...

I guess I didn't realize how lucky we are to have a town recycling program, we just put the recycleables out to the curb with the trash. I ought to venture out of my little world more often.