Friday, October 26, 2007

Whodo Voodoo

Voodoo Music Fest Experience hits the Big Kville today and we're in it.We've been feverishly burning the midnight oil in anticipation. Yesterday we hit the back streets of city park to set up. Voodoo takes on a carnival type atmosphere but I suspect these carneys may have once followed another kind of DEAD.It's all in the patchouli!

We are also convienently located close to the henna tattoos.If a spate of boredom hits, we can check out the WTUL tent,Habitat for Humanity. There is also a Post K Psychiatric services tent.Yeah we're gonna pass a good time yall.

My top pics are the Saturday set of the Hot 8 in the WWOZ tent and the Sunday night set of Morning Forty Federation that happens right before WILCO closes out the fest.

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