Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Salvaging for junque in the French Quarter

We spent our weekend in the quarter this past weekend just trying to be a tourist at home and spend as much money there as possible to support the community. One of our favorite things to do is take the ferry over on our bikes and ride freely about, burning off all of those calories from the beignets. Our second favorite thing to do is junque shop.
It is hard to get past the fabulous junk of Decatur street when they have Bottom of the Barrel Antiques.Their motto is "this aint your Grandma's antique shop" and it must be true as most of the employees have quite a bit of tattoos.The store is stocked mostly with auction goodies from the region and they are known for having affordable armoires and chiffarobes. We are there to hit the junk barrels where they have $1 and $5 items of assorted metal and rusty bits.Open noon to 10pm, Tuesday thru Sunday, Bottom of the Barrel is a cant miss for junksters.1209 Decatur.
After hitting bottom of the barrel, it is time to hit Le Garage at 1234 Decatur.Advertising "antiques, vintage and surplus," this is the place to go for costume inspiration, especially for anything military-ish. Marcus runs the place and he is very friendly and open to a bit of bargaining.This place is known for the vintage costumes but we prefer the junque. Tons of rusty doorknobs, escutcheons,old silverplate and a great collection of old metallic lace was found there this weekend.Open everyday from 1-5, this is a great place to find creative inspiration without breaking the bank. Junque heaven.

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Felicia said...

What a groovy place!