Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vending at Voodoo Music Festival

We just got finished vending at Voodoo Music Festival. This was our second year but last year doesnt really count as it was the first one back after Katrina and the ticket sales were down. This year was really different as they sold 180,000 tickets. I'm quite sure we saw at least half of those people.So, in no short order:
5 Important Tips to Help You Sell at a Super Large Show.

1. Booth Display is everything .We decided to go with a Marie Leveau theme and create a bit of a voodoo altar that was supposed to be going in the living room. Many of the people who visited our booth commented about how the display drew them in.

2. Have plenty of promotional items to give the lookie loos.We learned from the first year that many will come back and check out your online shop for their holiday shopping after the show.Heather had 13 sales on Etsy after handing out promotions.
3. Have clear signs that communicate you will hold items til after the show and/or ship them so that customers dont have to carry them around.On friday when sales for the big ticket items were lukewarm, we decided to change the signage to clearly communicate this service. Several customers took us up on it on Saturday. Coincidence?
4. Do use this opportunity to experiment.I decided to try to sell some of the recycled clothing I usually sell at festivus to this crowd. They ate it up!Last year was when Heather first tried Voodoo dolls and the Fleur Debris.All have been huge hits. We probably wouldnt have tried it if we hadnt been at such a big show.It really paid off!
5. Phone a friend. Get a sitter for the pets & help to enjoy the show. You will be tired. They will miss you.

Friday night Sheba was just rambunctious from missing us all day. She was much more mellow and relaxed after having a friend come by and walk her and let her out. It also made us feel less stressed. That being said, enjoy some of the show. Make sure you have help so you can take some time off and take advantage of the show all around you. That's what its all about.


~Stella said...

Cool festival...thanks for your comments about experimenting with new things at a large fair. I would not have thought of that.


Felicia said...

Great tips!