Monday, October 1, 2007

Blind Boys of Alabama make a visit to St. Augustine Church Treme neighborhood New Orleans

The Blind Boys of Alabama made a visit yesterday to historic St Augustine church, the first US Church formed for the Black community in one of the oldest Black neighborhoods (if not the oldest) in the United States, the Treme. The place was packed and this is significant because after the storm the church was almost shut down and deconsecrated by the diocese due to lack of parishoners and consolidation of parishes.There was a nationwide effort to keep the church going(well and there was something like a lock in led by local protest group Common Ground but that's another entry) and these donations have kept the church going, but just barely. The organist travels from Houston Texas *every* weekend.At work we used to order their catfish (came with macaroni & slaw)plate lunches every Friday to assist but this of course has gone the way of so many other things. What I love about Treme is they still have CORNER STORES there, about four or so of them.You can stop and get a cold drink or get the paper or even a sandwhich and you dont have to get in a car.There was a second line after mass and then the Blind Boys kept showing up all over the quarter and giving the Tourists a thrill.

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