Sunday, July 15, 2007

Meet Esme (white with spots) and Calvin (orange)

Our neighbor Joette MacBride has been pretty busy running a no-Kill shelter of her own since the Big K. It is not uncommon for Joette to have more than 20 cats running around in her Victorian shotgun home or have cages full of wee ones basking in the sun light of her back porch on some of these almost cool July days.

We walked over to visit the other day and found ourselves adopting Esme and Calvin. Who could resist? Joette and her friend Vonda recently trapped and rescued ten kittens from a school that was being torn down post K.They trap and nurse cats back to health and then get them spayed or neutered. Kittens are adopted out and they often keep the big cats until a home can be found. They often release the Momma cats to their original domains after they have been spayed and given shots.

We were just going to keep ESme as a friend for Estelle but we realized that Esme needed a friend her own age to play with. Also, supposedly male orange tabbies are supposed to be super sweet.

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