Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sheba and the new babies

It has been so hard around here getting everything done with the new babies, Esme and "that other cat." No one has been able to settle on a name for him because he defies all of us and photo opportunities as well. We have tried,"Calvin,Boo Radley,Fanta,Red,and Rusty." Nothing fits. He is such a little fireball too, acting shy one moment and then totally going after poor Sheba, who is having the hardest time getting used to these little babies. She just wants to love them or eat them to death.Hopefully soon he will get a name and maybe we'll be able to get another photo of him. He is so cute!


Krazy Kate Designs said...

Cute pictures. I was strolling through your blog and noticed the picture of the tractor. Incredible!

Kateri said...

I think Boo Radley is an excellent name for a cat. Second only to Paxil (a friend of mine likes to name his pets after pharmaceuticals). Too bad Boo doesn't seem to be his real name. It's so hard to guess when they can't talk... Have you tried Opie? He looks like he might be an Opie.

RustChic said...

he does look like an Opie!!! but we went with Elmo. It's easy to say and his other Mommy knew an old guy named Elmo so she's happy