Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Working on the house...the (long) road home

I never thought it would take us almost two years after Katrina to start rebuilding the studio.The studio is the main reason we bought this house so that we would have a safe place to store all of our art stuff and get to work.It just seems to daunting. I have embarked on a massive destash mission in order to focus on all that needs to be done and you can see the tender beginnings of that in my etsy shop. My home chores are as follows: sand and prime the bathroom in the main house, tear out the sheetrock in the upstairs studio bathroom,get the old tiles up off the floor in the studio, start banging all of the nails out of the cypress weather board on the facade. We have to find a cement company and hire an electrician. And will another storm come along while we are doing all of this? heaven only knows!It seems so much until you hear about people who are still in their FEMA trailers.I think I might start FEMA trailer applique.

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