Sunday, July 8, 2007

Thrifting in St. Tammany Parish, Covington Louisiana

On of the good things to come out of the storm was that I had to work quite a few days in Covington Louisiana. Right as you veer off the highway and turn into downtown historic Cov., is a fabulous Goodwill Store on your right, behind Rouse's Supermarket.
I had the good fortune to visit on my way to the Mississippi delta for fourth of July festivities and the store didnt disappoint. This Goodwill is an absolute must for anyone furniture shopping in the area.My recent visit yielded two old singer sewing machnes - the cast iron ones, several sets of dining room chairs, and the above featured sofa and chairs. I wasnt about to displace my dog to drag some of this loot home, but I was sort of tempted.
Another thing I love about Goodwill is that they take all credit cards. And they have decent hours - 9am to 7 pm , Monday through Saturday and 12-5 on Sunday. These people know how to conduct business too. You are allowed to leave your furntiure there for three days until you can get a truck to move it.
But you have to go to this store DAILY to get the good stuff. Antique and junktique dealers are also there every day checking the deals, so get their early and often.
p.s. DONT visit here for clothing unless you want a vintage coat. The clothing is very picked over and not very stylish, IMO.


diything said...

I love this Goodwill store in Covington. I used to shop there all the time when I lived in the area. That has been a while back, but when I am down visiting family I like to peek in to see what surprises I might find.
deb at

RustChic said...

yes it is totally a hidden gem to all but the antique dealers in the area