Monday, August 13, 2007

Hot Springs Arkansas..... Antiqueland!

It is always so exciting to discover a new place and both Heather and I agreed yesterday (while debating to head out to the new flea market or not)that it is the thrill of the hunt that keeps us coming back for more and more thrift adventures. Hot Springs felt like that every moment because no matter what amount of research I did in advance, it didnt prepare me for how great the adventure would be.

I got lost on Albert Pike drive heading out of town and away from the Goodwill store that is almost downtown.While trying to find my way back, I came upon the near- deserted Antiqueland by the side of the road.Feeling a bit dejected as I was out of cashola (and this is a cash town for sure) my eyes lit up at the credit card marquee on the door. Whew.

Antiqueland is one of those metal buildings put together to warehouse stuff. I entered the dimly lit facade not quite sure what would happen. The building does not seem to be fully air conditioned and on your right is a doll display that fills a space about 30ft by 30ft and to your left.... there are quite a few groupings almost like an antique mall that stretch out about 100ft.

The name for this place though instead of antiqueland should have been doilyworld or dollworld. Everywhere you turned was a doily or a dolly. It was a dilly of a time.

There were no over anxious salespeople looking to cut you a deal or interrupting your shopping flow. The owner of this place had a great amount of vintage aprons, quilts and other textiles. Most a bit over priced but for the most part, the doilies were reasonably priced. (thank goodness)

The Goodwill Store is on Albert Pike heading east from downtown. Clothing very much picked over but great vintage fabric on the left handside of store- dont miss it!

Keep heading east about 6 miles outside of town, past the water park, and youll see Antiqueland. Open everyday Tuesday-Saturday.

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Sara's Texture Crafts said...

What a brilliant find. I hope you didn't bash your credit card too hard! Sara x