Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thrifting in the Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Spring Arkansas is a great destination to get a break from the world and get in a little thrifting and barbeque.I was pleasantly suprized to drive into town on Malvern Avenue, right off of the interstate and come upon an intersection right before Grand Street that features: The Salvation Army, The Second Time Around, and the Potter's Clay Thrift Store.And Barbeque. Just park your car at Second Time around that has a big parking lot and make the circle on foot. You'll be glad you did.

The Salvation Army was full of Maw Maw furniture - 1930s and 40s bits with machine turned legs but still wood, and I couldnt get a good picture, but the amount of chiffarobes in two of these stores was a bit unbelievable.
The clothing at Salvation Army was so so. Very picked over and a small selection.

The Second Time Around, just across from the Salvation Army, was definitely a Junker's Paradise but in a grubbier way. The woman at the counter spent a good deal of her time watching her stories and really didnt want to tell you where anything was.Which is good, this gives you time to root around for what you want and at least she wasnt on your heels which is a drag. But the place was really in need of a vacuuming and some disinfectant spray. I brought the spay for times like these. The place had lots of great linens, though and the furniture again, they had a bamboo florida set in really nice condition for $125 and several big cabinets. Is everyone in town downsizing or just getting brand new stuff? I dunno but lots of cabinets.

The Potter's Clay is the classic type of church run based establishment where there are more people working than shopping in the store. All of the Alfred Dunner items are priced at retail prices and most clothing is really over priced and just in poor taste, even the first time around. Yet it is super clean and organized and the clothes are very neatly presented, most without stains. It's the kind of place where even the silver plate is polished and priced accordingly.They did have a pretty decent $1 dollar rack where fortunately, all of the really cute stuff was a dollar because they have all been volunteering in a church basement since 1973 and have no clue of the value of stuff, except for their Alfred Dunner items. Let's keep it that way.

To round off the afternoon, it was time to head to Purity Barbeque on the corner before heading back to the hotel for a siesta. Purity has beef,pork and chicken available on bun or chopped, dry or wet for $3 and up. They serve coleslaw and pickles. They also have barbeque frito pie- YUM.


Krazy Kate Designs said...

what a fun way to spend a day! I love the way you showed it off with the pictures!

Alicia said...

sounds like a great trip!
we just went to our little antique store today and found some great little treasures.