Thursday, August 2, 2007

Casa Verde ... preparing for hurricane season

Casa Verde has been preparing for hurricane season and keeping a wary eye on this tropical disturbance in the gulf Bob Breck keeps telling us about. Sense and sensibility keeps saying well it has been very cool lately, the coolest summer in a while and so the gulf isnt too hot and it wont create something terrible, but that doesnt make it any less nervewracking for us all.

I've created a little bit of a personal (family) escape plan and it goes something like this:

#1 is pet carriers. With a dog, 2 unwieldy cats, 2 kittens and 2 iguanas that all have to be kept *apart* you cannot underestimate carriers. Strong ones that Estelle cannot break out of.
#2 pet "downers" or baby benedryl.we have a cat named "cry baby." enough said
#3 big big gas can maybe 2, just incase
#4 battery chargers, batteries, lanterns
#5 bug spray. organic, for all of us creatures
#6 mommy downers. I'm going to the doctor this week to get some. The anxiety of hurricane season is driving me nuts
#7 wood for the windows - done, thanks to heather!
#8 attic survival kit with hatchet, food for pets and people, water, toiletries and the house title and insurance policy!
#9 car survival kit - ready at all times with the red cross survival kit from emily

We'll let you know how it goes. Please let nothing hit us or anyone else, anywhere-


Kateri said...

I read this and cried for a little while. That's a very poignant picture of living with fear. I'm so sorry you have to feel the stress of aftermath; I know sense and sensibility doesn't do much to mitigate anxiety in the wake of what's happened to you. You're an excellent planner, I must say, and I do pray nothing hits you or anyone, anywhere.

Katie said...

I heard on the news the other morning that hurrican season started and immediately thought of all my friends and family that live on the coast. Here's to a safe, uneventful season. Althea's paws are crossed~