Friday, August 24, 2007

Where the streets have no name - Lakeview Neighborhood New Orleans 2 years later

I had to go visit Lakeview today to go by the bank.The closest one open is in Lakeview and the sight of the nieghborhood is still so shocking,especially in light of all of the activity, traffic, people walking around and new businesses starting to open.

I actually think some of the worst looking damage is on Canal Boulevard itself, long occupied by families who have been there for fifty years or so and probably has some of the highest rates of senior citizen homewowners, least likely to be renovating these days.

All in all the majority of the homes in my opinion were boarded up, many with the tell tale water line, spray painted messages from the marines intact, and overgrown grass and weeds.

What is really amazing is that many of the homes had notes and messages from volunteer groups asking if the owners needed help taking care of their yards.Yes get some help with your yard. Please dont leave these abandoned homes here when so many people are really trying.
But once you travel past Canal and actually into some of the neweer neighborhoods, most were a hub of activity. Lots of expensive SUVs driving around, bull dozers, Latino workmen,and oh the contractors. I really dislike they way these contractors drive in the middle of the road (no one is living there yet so they dont care it seems, and drive in the middle of the streets, ignoring stop signs and oncoming traffic - its dangerous)but their presence in the city is sorely needed.
It really is heartening to see so many houses getting renovated - rebuilt - raised - or plain old redux.

What I dont understand is how our citizens are expected to live without street signs. It is sheer madness, trying to figure out where you are with no signs. You know where you are but not where y'at.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Very powerful images. Thanks for posting this.