Friday, August 10, 2007

Thrifting in the footsteps of Elvis Memphis Super Thrift

Memphis Super Thrift is one of those small jewels that only the locals seem to know about. Two ladies took me aside at another thift store to tell me about this one and they were right - it is unusual and chock full of great stuff. This store combines a sort of architectural salvage, re store and true salvage from firesales and what not with donations of the usual - clothing and linens plus housewares. There are very few tags or prices but unlike other stores, they will make you a deal right away when you reach the counter.

What I love about this place is the sort of haphazard yet hard working ethic of all blazing around in the super man super thrift store get ups.Unlike the sort of unblinking gaze of senior citizen volunteers who populate so many establishments that benefit the disenfranchised, these folks are walking around, folding, putting stuff up, answerering questions, in general they have blood circulating (which is refreshing).

Also, the wide variety of items available for purchase should make this a first stop shop for all trashionistas and junk junkies.First, I didnt have enough film to detail all of the fantastic furniture therein.There were also two young gay guys on my tail trying to make sure I didnt buy the furniture they wanted for themselves(if that tells you anything).I saw lots of great forties style sofas and chairs, an old WW1 trunk,several sets of tables and chairs and quite a few cabinets.

Let me just say that the MID SOUTH has got to be the destination for anyone looking for household staples: sturdy tables, chairs, sofas and cabinets. It is enough to make you want to rent a UHAUL and drive the junk home and sell it at a local antique mall, it was that good.

Memphis Super Thrift is located at 3744 Ridgeway at Winchester


The Global Cafe Website said...

I spent a few months in Memphis once, and enjoyed the amazing thrifts. Your posts are making me nostalgic for those great digs... ;)

liz aka hobbledehoy said...

oops, the above post was made with my wrong account. (waves hello)