Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Saying Good*buy* to Hot Springs, Summer, and to endless thrifting...

On my way out of town (Hot Springs), I just had to stop by the Jackson House with its immaculate facade. This thriftshop's proximity to a drug and alcohol center was also of interest. What is it about vacation towns and alcoholics? Or thrift stores that benefit rehabs?

It is all very interesting...

In addition to disenfranchised people, Hot Springs is also home to some mighty derelict property owners, right in the downtown area. A city with so much gorgeous architecture, shouldnt have this many abandoned structures. The columns and the doors were just crying out for some paint scraping.I peeked in a few dusty windows and some of them were like folks packing up and leaving in the middle of the night. It makes you wonder.

All in all with the natural beauty of this town, the free hot springs that cascade through the center of the city, the interesting people, the affordable baths, and then the thrifting, makes this a town that cant be beat in terms of thrifty vacations within driving distance of New Orleans.

If you go, you must check out the Happy Hollow - a fifty dollar a night motel located across the street from the national park.Non smoking rooms and pets welcome.Cute little Patios are available to hang outdoors and the rooms have coffee, fridges and microwaves. Clean!

For an affordable bath and massage, head over to the Arlington Hotel. Baths last an hour and a half and are only $26!One of the best masages I've had in a while was also had here - $40 for 40 minutes.Reservations are needed because they fill up quickly.

DId I mention the Barbeque? Oh yeah the barbeque is incredible. Head to Purity Barbeque and Beer on Malvern on your way in or out of town.Yum.


Gabreial said...

Great post, the massage and bath sound wonderful! I could use one of those.

Shell Mitchell said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm always sad to see the run down buildings too... There's a few around here I'd love to buy and turn into art spaces.

RustChic said...

if you buy one maybe i will too
there were really lovely