Sunday, September 30, 2007

French Quarter still struggling Post K

After the Arts Market of New Orleans yesterday,I headed down to the quarter to attend the end the war march which is now going to be a monthly event.

After finding a great and free spot on Esplanade (one of quite a few), it was time to march up Royal Street in order to catch up with the group outside the Louisiana Supreme Court building.

It shouldnt be so easy to find a parking spot on a Saturday night outside the French Quarter.There were tons of people in their LSU gear walking around but there still wasnt a crowd to be found anywhere. There was a faux second line coming down the street for someone's wedding, heading out of the St. Louis Cathedral and around the block before hitting a rest. for someone's wedding. I say faux because the only Black people in the second line happened to be the band...

At any rate, it was pretty quiet and tame so it wasnt hard to notice all the empty shops,places going out of business and such. Not so much in the lower quarter where there are a lot of residents and home ownership, but much more around Jackson Square.
I didnt really think about the ease of parking and such til close to ho
me.It was a lovely night, kinda cool, and there is a big convention in town.Am hoping business will pick up for folks and more people come visit.

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A bird in the hand said...

This is breaking my heart. Your federal government has a lot to answer for. As for the local government, they should be camping outside the White House and Congress putting them all to shame for their horrendous lack of care. It seems they are only interested is "saving" foreign countries. Saving should begin at home.