Sunday, September 23, 2007

Buying Architectural Salvage in the New Orleans Area

When we finally realized the storm wasnt a coming on Saturday, the shopping bug set in & we set out to find some more salvage to work with. We headed to Second Chance Salvage in old Gretna by the river to check out what they have got over there right now.

Mr. Jackson, who runs the place, will sell you the whole she-bang for 50,000, he'll tell you that anytime.Just incase you arent interested in the entire shop, he has very reasonable prices on the items you are looking for.

On a recent trip, we got some great chippy cypress molding for ten dollars a board.We also got antique bricks for our garden at a quarter a piece, a roof ornament for 25 dollars and various assorted corbels and finials for a song.
Call Mr. Jackson to see when he will be open. Since his back surgery he has not kept regular hours but you will find him there most days during the week if it isnt too warm.

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