Friday, September 21, 2007

Tropical Disturbance Ack!

We have been preparing like crazy in case we have a serius deluge around here this weekend. Should say I have been preparing as Heather doesnt think anything is coming.Surely hope she is right with this situation.I have drilled holes and cut down balusters like crazy incase we are stuck inside and have to find something to do. Big frowns as we were supposed to have a cookout.This afternoon am going to take pictures of all of our shrubs in bloom. Mother nature does seem to be telling us that no storm will come because the bird of paradise that has taken over the whole front yard is seriously in bloom. She normally doesnt bloom til the end of October.
At any rate, sandbagging will have to be done on the studio that is still under repair. Wish us luck! and all of the gulf coast too!


A bird in the hand said...

I wish you safety.
I wish for the disturbance to by- pass you and drop into some ocean far far away instead.

RustChic said...

thanks coco!send us some of your canadian cool right away!

TrueMirage said...

sending lots of safety and good weather vibes your way. Your previous post brought tears to my eyes. So sorry you had to live through that.

Katie said...

I've always got my eye on the weather channel watching out for my coastal friends. Stay safe.
Now about those Birds of Paradises. I just left a note on your flickr picture of one. I can't believe you have them in the front yard. I would love to see a picture. please~

Marysusan Noll said...

Please be safe!

I also tagged you...because I think you are fascinating. But don't bother with it until you are sure all is past and you are safe and sound. (You can visit my blog for the rules)