Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Stay Local Shop Local Be Local

We cant do it all. I have seriously tried to make every little bit of the items and bits we need for our business but a few things I dont have the time to make and I dont want to shop ETSY for it. Can everything be handmade (credit card slips, imprinter, etc.?). We just had to hit town and buy bags and boxes for ourselves today and it made me feel good because we were helping a Mid City business stay afloat. I am talking about Royal Box Company on Lafitte street, right across from the brake tag station in New Orleans yall.
Joann and her husband have run the company for many years. Even after Ktrina flooded out their business, they ran it from the kitchen table to keep their customers afloat. Along with the tons of boxes and stuff they lost, they lost customers. What customers were left in town often were unable to pay their accounts as very few folks actually had business insurance that was willing to pay out for flood damage.One customer has been there for almost 25 years and while she has ordered boxes from Joann since Katrina, she cant pay her bill. They just found out this same customer is getting them from China.That aint right.
Joann gave us a great deal on the bags- the large size for the Fleur debris are 68 for 250, the medium size for shotgun houses and angels are 250 for 60 and the smaller tiny bags for cuffs came to about 30 for a case. We feel really good heping them out and- helping out their rescued beagle mix, Bella.Bella helped them ride out the storm at the Hilton (imagine!) and she resides close to the front door to keep Mommy safe.
Buy Local!
Royal Box Company
2900 Block Lafitte Street


mtjoyschool said...

Kerry, I'm so glad I can read your blog to get a true picture of what life's like in N.O. By the way (and please don't hate me)... TAG! I'm tagging you...please visit my blog and read the last post to see what it's about. Deb GC

Katie said...

great post, as usual!

p.s. i don't play tag.