Thursday, September 13, 2007

When your thrifting dreams become reality...

After a trip to the country this past weekend, Heather suprised me with a bit of cut velvet heaven and an early birthday gift- a pink and green sofa.She visted the Goodwill in Covington while on a thrifting trip with out friend Rudy and found this jewel. She was even able to bargain with the salesclerk and get the rather pricey sofa priced to half. Perhaps that is why it was still sitting there at the shop.
I've never bargained at Goodwill, but the Salvation Army on Jefferson Highway and the thriftshop at Bridge House have both been places where you can go to the manager and try to get the price cut down. Especially if you are not an antiques shopkeeper .
Perhaps Heather told them this furniture would become our kittens' new jungle gym?
Whatever she did, it worked,& many thanks thrifting universe!

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Tara Fortin said...

That last photo is so adorable. Way to catch the action!