Friday, September 7, 2007

Freret Market Starts Tomorrow! Freret at Napolean 12-5pm

It's really great to be seeing a new market open uptown this weekend. Freret Market is pulling together Flea, Farmers and Artists from 12-5pm. Even if we dont come home richer with cashola we will have our veggies and fresh flowers for the week and possibly some great new stuff from the Flea Market.Cree McCree is supposed to be there and she ran the Kingpin for that past few years- remember how fun that was?

So she probably has her cast of flea characters and we cant wait. See ya there!

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Dogblogger said...

Hello. I am reading this January 08 so this posting is a bit old but am interested in participating in a weekend flea fair and was hoping to meet someone like Cree McCree. Can you please advise?