Sunday, September 16, 2007

Market Season- Thanks to the Patrons

It has been great to get back to the markets this month and reconnect with the arts market community- artists, administrators and guests/customers. How much can we artists thank the people who promote and put on these shows and then the patrons that show up, without fail, to cheer us up, inspire and egg us along.

I do not believe these markets are solely about making money. They are a way to connect with your community and re invest your money back into it, sustaining it for years to come.

Where would New Orleans be without its artists(musical,visual,fine crafts) and its patrons?

-No where-

Yakoke (Choctaw for thanks) Yall

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A bird in the hand said...

I am such a fan of yours! Your Etsy shop is one of my favorites...the Café du Monde can angel my absolute favorite in the world (I would purchase it in a second if I had the funds to spare at the moment). It is so good to see you all up and going! New Orleans has a special place in my heart. I even published a novel titled "Magazine Street".

Meegwetch (Ojibway greeting)
Colette xox