Sunday, September 9, 2007

Laissez le bon temp roullez at the inaugural Freret Market in New Orleans

Oh we passed a good time at the Freret Market yesterday yall. We had the perfect spot,lots of customers, and got to see some sweethearts we hadnt seen in a while like Janet and Monte,& Greg and Mark from the old flower shop on Esplanade Avenue.

Rudy and Christie were there and Paula had signed up too.Paula said she had a day that was like "three DDD fests in one" and Rudy always sells out.

Apparently our mayor Ray Nagin & recovery czar Ed Blakely decided to venture out and declare the event a success but we didnt need them to tell us that. The weather was great,albeit hot, and just a few sprinkles meant we didnt have to duck & cover.

What I like so much abut this venue is the great location for uptown which really seems about 80% recovered.Also, the combination of Dunbar's seafood, fresh shrimp from St. Bernard Parish,and the flea market vendors means that people can walk from their homes and buy groceries, crafts and eat a hot meal.

If you are considering this venue to sell your wares I strongly encourage you to contact Peter at because there may be no more spaces left.

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