Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Surfing for Debris in New Orleans,Central City

On a lazy Indian Summer type day we headed over to The Bank to see if there was any fabulous architectural salvage we just couldnt live without.The Bank is one of those fantastic, overpriced, architectural salvage places that you can find everything you want but nothing you can afford. It feeds your chippy rusty soul kind of like an Abita Pecan Beer.

The drive to the Bank is one of those turn back in time adventures a person can only have in New Orleans due to the lack of gentrification in areas like Central City.Low brow charm at its best, this aged neighborhood has pockets of its former glory as a historic Black Shopping District but they are covered in vines, plywood sould shuttered against the light of day.Being near these buildings is like brushing up against the fur of history in the night.

If you head south on Rampart, out of the quarter and follow the road along and never turn, you'll hit this spot just a few blocks past the Interstate overpass.Brightly colored murals and a Hope Community Credit union are your guideposts. During the week, you can hit Cafe Reconcile on your right for a genuine New Orleans lunch either before or after your jaunt. They are not open on the weekends. Dont miss the red beans and rice or etouffe.

The Bank is your second or third left at the light past the Cafe on either Felicity or Euterpe. It's a muse- that's all that sticks in the memory.

Housed in a nondiscript red building with black shutters, the Bank houses great salvage and snippy service.There may be a bit too much lead paint inhalation on the premises so keep your visit brief.Prices do vary based on who waits on you so try to get the younger guy to help you out. He's nice.

Dont miss the fabulous debris piles featured around and amongst this neighborhood.There is a shotgun double right next door that threw out their entire slate roof. Sigh.

Across the street was a great cast iron bed and various and sundry rusty metalicious delights on the curb, ripe for the picking. This is a dont miss neighborhood for trash picking and debris surfing!


Sandra Evertson said...

What a Great post!
Sandra Evertson

saffron said...

That sounds like a joy! What fun to see all the historical junk!

Just to let you know that I feautured you on my blog. Your items on Etsy are so fantastic! I used an image of yours and linked you. If you disapprove or have any changes, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Good luck with your creations and your sales!