Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Creativity and Activism Indigo Girls In New Orleans

We went to the Indigo Girls show the other night and it was fantastic, as usual.

Once again, these ladies have hit the stage to benefit yet another grassroots organization. This time is was a benefit for Sweet Home Louisiana, an organization that is working really hard to help musicians get in their homes and get on their feet financially post Katrina. They also lent the state to a few other groups that are working on some of the more inherent difficulties in our area- Free the Jena Six and Save our Streets.
The Jena Six group is working on the case of the six high school boys who were tried as adults in Jena Louisiana and found guilty after a school fight that was provoked when another group of students hung nooses on school property.Those students should have been expelled and this never would have happened. An all white Jury found the other young men guilty.There is a protest going on Thursday, Sept. 20th in Jena Louisiana that day to protest the miscarriage of justice in the case.
Save our streets is dedicated to assisting neighborhoods with promoting safety in the wake of street violence.

What I love about the Indigo girls is their tireless efforts to make the world a better place. The benefit we went to this summer in Flagstaff was for Save the Earth. The guitar pic they threw out had- end war, use biodiesel- on them.

These women have been churning out music for a good 25 years and they only get better with age. They sang Kid Fears- its been almost 20years since I've heard them sing it in concert.

So I bought Amy Ray's new punk CD Prom and quite frankly she's still churning the creative hits out. Her voice was never more clear or anguished. Anyone of us can only hope we're still fresh and having a good time with it, 25 years later,right?


Felicia said...

I saw them in concert about fifteen years ago and they were wonderful.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I saw them in concert three times in six months a few years ago. They don't come to Scotland all that often so when they did I saw as many of their gigs as possible! I love the fact that they make great music and are such activists too!