Monday, September 10, 2007

Creative Challenge #1@3$%!

We're working hard trying to get our stuff off of the tables.It's really nice to walk into a booth and be able to look up and around and not down at items. I'm usually drawn to booths where everything is up and out of the way.

It's a struggle too because Heather doesnt like change but this we have got to change if we are going to get into any larger festivals this year.I also refuse to pay $600 for those white tent panels that are not recycled and look like high tech volleyball nets.What an abuse of cornering the market on "artists who need to hang." sheesh

Putting up metal mesh is very unwieldy and looks a little too 80s high tech. It doesnt fit with our aesthetic.If only you could get that lightweight and rusty.

The problem with hanging my work like this is that the customer wants to buy the crate too. The crates are falling a bit apart my dears, do you really want this?
So now I am becoming a crate repair person and we'll see how that figures into the price.Sigh.

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Peggradyart said...

Your treasures in those crates look like shrines...I can see why people want the whole thing! Looks like you'll be adding crate repair person to your resume.